Simple Steps

#5 – Make your own deodorant

This Simple Step concerns something we all use on a daily basis: deodorant. Deodorants tend to come in two forms: as an aerosol and as a roll-on. Most deodorants found in supermarket aisles are antiperspirants...

Simple Steps for life




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Veganuary: WE DID IT!

Rabbits rabbits rabbits! And hello February. January is finally over and, with it, the crazy journey that has been Veganuary. So how was it? Was it a big long struggle or more of an enjoyable journey? Are we going to be...



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Veganuary: Vegan Banana Bread!

I’ve got the baking bug! I never thought I would utter these words. I am really not a baking person. But this being a vegan malarky needs squaring with my love of cake and chocolatey desserts somehow and it would...