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Veganuary: Snacks!

So, it is Day 10 of being a vegan. Time for an update on how we are getting on going from meatlovers to 100% vegan overnight…

Firstly, I can’t believe how fast it is going. Ten days in already and, I don’t want to jinx it, but it has been relatively straightforward so far.


The main differences

Well, the fact that we are not eating any meat or dairy is the obvious difference and I am blown away by how quickly my eating habits have changed.

I can honestly say that right now I don’t miss meat. I am not craving meat, I am not feeling at all sad that I will not be eating meat for the next few weeks.

The same goes for dairy. I have adapted to the vegan diet remarkably well – I am really quite surprised by how much my eating habits have changed in such a short space of time.

Vegan Sunday dinner
Vegan Sunday dinner


So what are we eating?

Well, lots of fruit, vegetables, rice, quinoa, tofu, tempeh, chick peas, lentils, fake mince, nuts, dark chocolate, porridge and Party Rings. And dairy substitutes. Lots of dairy substitutes. These wondrous things are the main reason I have been able to cope with veganism.

A life without lattes, yoghurt and sandwiches is no life for me. Thankfully we have oat milk for coffees (which froths surprisingly well and, although it does come through in the flavour of the coffee, you soon get used to the slightly different taste), soy or coconut yoghurt for breakfast, dessert and in-between-times, and dairy-free spread for bread and crumpets.

Oh and chocolate brownies. A remarkable number of chocolate brownies. But they are seriously good. Click here for the recipe.

My favourite dairy-free natural yoghurt
My favourite dairy-free natural yoghurt


Before I started Veganuary, I worried I would be hungry 24/7. I am pleased to report that I am not, although I am definitely wanting to snack more between meals. I used to eat large portions at lunch and dinner and feel really sluggish afterwards but I did stay full for long periods and so was able to limit my unhealthy snacks as a result.

The one negative I have found of Veganuary is that I feel like I am snacking a lot more, and not all these snacks are nuts and fruit. I am only human after all (and I have a very sweet tooth). Party Rings are my guilty pleasure, but there is also the aforementioned soy yoghurt (Alpro Vanilla is the stuff of wonder), choccie brownies, dark chocolate etc.

I was worried I was going to fade away being a vegan but with my increased intake of snacks and love of non-dairy milk and yoghurt, I don’t think I need to fret too much. I will weigh myself in a few weeks and provide a definitive answer on this, but I certainly don’t feel like I am only eating super healthy, non-fattening food. Which is good by the way. Fatty foods get a bad rep.


A long way to go

I still feel like I have a long way to go on my Veganuary journey – not least because it is only Day 10 out of 31. We recently bought our first ever Seitan, some seaweed snack things and some veggie pulled pork. I will be trying them all out this weekend. It is a whole new world of food (and we have many more horizons to pursue) and I am really enjoying trying things that I didn’t know existed just a few weeks ago.

If there’s one thing going vegan does, it is force you to try new things and to have an open mind.

I was appalled by soy milk, veggie sausages and fake meats not all that long ago; now I would happily stick with non-milk milk long after Veganuary is over. I was pleasantly surprised by Linda McCartney’s veggie sausages, although less than impressed by Heck’s beetroot ones – they were far too peppery for me. I can even make a mean spag bol with fake meat.

I have come a long way indeed!

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